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Driving the innovation in high performance rubber compounds

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Meet our Polycomp team on the DKT 2018 and learn about our FFKM developments!

We are ready to welcome you on the DKT 2018 (boot 12-243). We will show you our latest developments among which our portfolio of Perfluoro compounds (FFKM). Polycomp is an experienced and independent FFKM compounder. We develop and produce FFKM compounds based on polymers from all major A-brands. Based on our customer requirements Polycomp develops the optimal compound. The compounds are produced in a dedicated clean production environment by selected and experienced operators. Strict milling procedures and cleaning regimes ae followed, with packaging in sealed envelopes to secure the highest level of cleanliness, consistency and quality.

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  • P.O. Box 57, 7250 AB Vorden
  • Handelsweg 7, 7251 JG, Vorden
  • The Netherlands


Quality Assurance ISO
TS 16949 and ISO - 9001 certified
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