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Driving the innovation in high performance rubber compounds

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Polycomp was founded in 1990 by Mr. Jan van Kranenburg. The company has since that time gone through a considerable growth and expanded business internationally. Since 1995, the company is located at the current site and expanded the facilities in the years 2000 and 2002 with additional production halls. Since the year 2000, Polycomp has focussed on high performance compounds for critical and demanding applications, based on FKM, FFKM, HNBR and (F) VMQ. In addition, a strong international expansion occurred as Polycomp currently delivers more than 70% of its sales outside the Netherlands. Since the year 2010 Polycomp is owned by a new management team, supported by investment firm NOBAS. Since then, we are continuously working on further development of our R & D skills, and a further expansion of production capabilities and capacity occurred.

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  • P.O. Box 57, 7250 AB Vorden
  • Handelsweg 7, 7251 JG, Vorden
  • The Netherlands


Quality Assurance ISO
TS 16949 and ISO - 9001 certified
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