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Polycomp acquires a Göttfert RCR Rubber Capillary Rheometer

Polycomp acquired a Göttfert RCR Rubber Capillary Rheometer in order to be able to mimic the processing conditions of its customers in the development of rubber compounds. With the Göttfert RCR the flow characteristics of a sample can be quickly judged and the optimal compounds, fit for the moulding process used, be developed. It is a powerful tool in the development of custom specific rubber compounds and will shorten the development time and will save testing time for our customers.
Capillary rheometers are the only measurement instruments able to rheologically characterize the flow behaviour of rubber compounds at typical processing conditions.


The RCR covers injection moulding and the extrusion processes.
Please contact us to further discuss the possibilities regarding compounds for your applications.

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