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Polycomp introduces gas applicable EN 682 & EN 549 NBR compound

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Polycomp introduces gas applicable EN 682 & EN 549 NBR compound

Polycomp developed a NBR compound that meets and combines the requirements for indoor
(EN 549) and outdoor (EN 682) gas appliances in a ‘one fits all’ solution.

EN 549 approved

The NBR compound (70 Shore A) is applicable for gas appliances and gas equipment in contact with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family combustible gases. The NBR has excellent tensile properties and meets the EN 549 requirement for seals over a temperature range from -20 to 80 °C (B2H3).

EN 682 approved

The compound, approved following EN 682, can be used in seals for supply pipes, fittings ancillaries and valves which are being used in contact with manufactured, natural and liquefied petroleum gas and hydrocarbon fluids with aromatic content.

Nitrosamine safe rubber compound

An additional distinctive feature of this NBR compound is the fact that no nitrosamines are formed upon vulcanization, while maintaining a low compression set.

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TS 16949 and ISO - 9001 certified
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