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Drinking water compounds

EPDM compounds for drinking water applications

Use of elastomers in drinking water applications requires careful design of the compounds that are used to manufacture seals and rubber parts. Potential effects on organoleptic properties of the water, as well as growth of microbiological organisms, must be eliminated. Polycomp has developed new rubber compounds for use in drinking water applications that are approved according to the new Elastomerleitlinie in Germany, as well as the requirements according to W270 (microbiological properties). Approvals were obtained for cold water (23 °C) up to use in hot water (85 °C).

At the same time, these compounds have been approved by WRAS for use in the United Kingdom for cold and hot water.
The differences between the compounds are on cure speed. Depending on the process you are using, being e.g. injection moulding or compression moulding, a compound t for the process can be chosen.

Values to the customer

– Approved to new Elastomerleitlinie and W270
– Approved to WRAS
– Peroxide cured compounds
– Different cure speeds, fit for the process

Compound properties
MDR-2000 6'@175°C
MDR-2000 6'@160°C
Ml (dNm)1.11.5
Mh (dNm)13.819.7
tS2 (min)1.20.4
t90 (min)5.292.36
Cure (2 mm slabs)
(6 mm test pieces)
8 min@175°C
12 min@175°C
3 min@165°C
7 min@165°C
Post Cure2h@150°C2h@150°C
Hardness (°ShA)6967
Tensile Strength (MPa)9.812.2
Elongation@Break (%)277309
Compression Set (%)6.4
Density (kg.m-3)10901100
Heat Ageing; 168h@70°C/Air
Hardness (°ShA)10
Tensile Strength (%)-15+6.5
Liquid resistance; 168h@70°C/Water
Volume (%)3.3+0.8

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