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NBR compounds for gas supply and appliances

Polycomp developed a NBR compound that meets and combines the requirements for indoor
(EN 549) and outdoor (EN 682) gas appliances and supply lines in a ‘one fits all’ solution.

The compound is approved according to EN 549 for use in gas appliances and equipment in house as well as household appliances. The material (70 Shore A) has excellent tensile properties and meets the EN 549 requirements for seals over a temperature range from -20 to 80 °C (B2H3).

The compound is also approved for use in gas supply lines, fittings and pipelines, according to EN 682, with at operating temperatures from –5 °C up to 50 °C, type H.

An additional distinctive feature of this NBR compound is the fact that no nitrosamines are formed upon vulcanization, while maintaining a low compression set.

The compound can be moulded or extruded using typical rubber processing technologies like compression or injection moulding, extrusion and calandering. Besides cure in moulding, the material can also be cured using hot air, steam, UHF or LCM vulcanization.

The Polycomp NBR compound is also approved by the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for the applications listed, and registered under numbers DG-5113CQ0518 and DG-5112CQ0517.

Values to the customer

– “One fits all” solution, both EN 549 and EN 682 approved
– Excellent physical properties
– No nitrosamines formed

Compound properties
Ml (dNm)ISO65021.2
Mh (dNm)Rheometer MDR 200020.8
tS2 (min)6’@175°C0.5
t90 (min)
Cure (2 mm slabs)
(6 mm test pieces)
Compression moulding3 min@175°C
7 min@175°C
Post CureOven2h@150°C
Hardness (IRHD)ISO4870
Tensile Strength (MPa)
M100 (%)
Elongation@Break (%)
ISO37, type 215.8
Compression Set (%)ISO815-1B; 72h@-20°C
Density (Mg.m-3)ISO27811.23
Heat Ageing; 168h@70°C in Air (ISO188)
ΔHardness (IRHD)ISO48+9
ΔTensile Strength (%)
ΔElongation@Break (%)
Liquid resistance; 72h@23°C in n-Pentane (ISO1817)
ΔMass (%)+3.4
Dry-out; 168h@40°C after 72h@23°C in n-Pentane (ISO1817)
ΔMass (%)-2.6
Liquid resistance; 168h@80°C in ASTM OIL #2 (ISO1817)
ΔHardness (IRHD)ISO48+4
ΔMass (%)-2
Ozone resistance; 24h, 50ppm, 30°C
CracksISO 1431-1No

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