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Research & Development

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Research & Development

Polycomp has an R&D department consisting of experts with years of experience in the rubber industry. The heart of our company is formed by this department and here we develop in close cooperation with our customers the best products and solutions.

Polycomp owns research and development department has the skills and equipment to solve the most complicated problems. Over the years, thousands of compounds and customer specific solutions have been developed. We manage the complete development process for you. This can be done from fast and simple up to the complete ISO /-TS16949 requirements.

Design input starts with general temperature requirements, fluid- and ageing resistance and the moulding process used. Further optimization is possible using our unique experience as well as experimental design techniques and state of the art analysis methods. The composition of the compounds developed is kept strictly confidential and is not used to supply other customers. The Polycomp recipe database also contains formulations approved by national and international authorities. Obviously Polycomp is not using any banned or (potential) SHVC ingredients in its compounds, and fully complies with REACH-legislation. The properties of all compounds are determined according to the ISO-standards, but other standards may be applied after consultation. We have test equipment for physical property testing in house, and also performance ageing and compatability tests in allsorts of media as well as (hot) air. When it comes to specific tests like SEM-EDX, we use our extensive network in testing laboratories and universities.

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Quality Assurance ISO
TS 16949 and ISO - 9001 certified
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